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Brittany O. DerenoncourtPhD, MFA

I currently work as a User Researcher in the Health IT industry. As an anthropologist turned UXer, I'm constantly intrigued by how (1) humans interact with each other and the things they create, (2) what and who shapes the interactive process, and (3) what are the biocultural benefits and challenges of such interaction. My career to date holistically examines these questions surrounding human interaction, and what I'd like to call human-stuff interaction. 
My work is highly interdisciplinary, drawing upon my rigorous international training in the United States, Europe, and West Africa in social science, the fine arts, and digital science and technology. As a principal investigator and project manager, I have designed and conducted diverse research projects, with methodologies foundational to anthropological, marketing, human factors, and user experience (UX) research.
Beyond research, I am heavily involved in the creative process as a writer, consultant, and designer. I have served as a writing consultant and product tester to nonprofit organizers, faculty, professional students, startup companies, and entrepreneurs. I have worked as a 3D modeler, web designer and content editor, film editor, and UX designer/researcher on several digital projects. Excerpts of my written work have appeared in an anthology published by Bloomsbury, The Voice Magazine, and I have presented on my research and creative work throughout the United States as well as internationally. 
I earned my PhD in Medical Anthropology from the University of Florida, and joint Masters in Digital Arts and Sciences from UF's Digital World Institute, co-founded by the Colleges of Fine Arts and Engineering. I also hold a Masters in Creative Writing and have received extensive training in fiction from the University of Cambridge, statistics from UNC-Chapel Hill ODUM Institute, and anthropometry sponsored by ISAK at Princeton University.
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