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Digital Projects

3D Modeling
Object Modeling
3D Modeling

I primarily use MAYA 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software for object modeling. Above are some hair grooming tools, and personal care product containers, modelled for a beauty salon 3D environment.

Character Modeling
3D animation

I have experience in character design, particularly in 3D modeling, facial and skeletal rigging, animation, and UV mapping of character skin and clothes.

Animated Short Film

Solitude is a short animation comedy that illustrates how digital technoloy can either foster or impede communication between a mother and son. I serve as a 3D modeler and the project administrator.

3D modeling

I have experience creating low and high fidelity wireframes. Above is a wireframe of an interactive quiz about African Diaspora women's history.

Virtual Reality

3D avatars (ranging in body size, shape, facial features, and skin color) measure the asethetic preferences of online users in virtual environments. I alter phenotype with Second Life's virtual appearance editor.

SCRUM Game Development

Undermine is a futuristic dystopian game that follows a gold-mining cyborg who tries to escape his artificial intelligence existence. I serve as the game's project manager and an environmental programmer.

User Experience
Coding A 3D Environment

This 3D room is coded using Processing, an open source programming language. Texture images are arranged using rotation, translation, and push/popMatrix commands. 

Interactive Design

I developed this 3D room using both programming and 3D modelling. The imported fan, created in MAYA, gives the application an overall interactive design.

Stereoscopy (3D Vision)

A large stereoscopic visualization, with audio and interaction, is created using Processing. The 3D vision display is made to view across a five screen environment.

User Case Scenario

This user case scenario is based on Dead Magic, an interactive digital play. The play is about an enslaved woman who joins an all-male secret hunting group when her family's weekly rations become scarce.

Ethnographic Film

Alternative Medicine: The Equalizer examines the world of alternative medicine, specifically what motivates its practioners and seekers to adopt this aproach to health and wellness. 

Digital Storytelling

I used HTML linked pages to create The Wish Candle, a choose-your adventure story about twins who must capture the beast their selfish birthday wish unleashed.

Other Digital Projects
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