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GENERAL PROCESS: As a user experience researcher, I integrate both anthropology and design to identify research problems and goals, create flexible studies, recruit participants, perform data collection, conduct iterative data analysis, and deliver findings and recommendations via presentations, video clips, and reports. Below are some of the research methodologies I employ.

UX Research
UX Research
Fitness Tracker

I have experience creating user experience design prototypes. Above is a mockup screen for a fitness tracker mobile application.

Heuristic Evaluation
Data Visualization
Concept Modeling FDA

I analyze the user interface of websites to see if they comply with industry-accepted usability heuristics. Click here to view my evaluation for creating a CVS online account.

I create data-driven personas (fictive persons with attributes representative of a user group)  to understand user behavior, attitudes, needs, goals, and pain points.

Consumer Research
Inventory Cataloging
Ethnic Skincare

I use product logs to record product type, shelf space, packaging, prices, quantity sold at storefront or online, manufacturing country, harmful ingredients, and toxicity.

Data Visualization
Data Visualization

This model details the biocultural process experienced by health and beauty product consumers. It's one of many ways I visually synthesize data collected from stakeholders.

Conceptual Modeling
Concept Modeling FDA

This flowchart illustrates the distribution and regulatory flow of all cosmetics sold in Florida, from the point of manufacture to the time of purchase.

Qualitative Research

I conduct ethnographic fieldwork in the US, Ghana, among Caribbean immigrants, and online. This involves participant observation, interviews and surveys, and is documented by notetaking, photography, or videography.


I design and administer interview protocols in various formats including: individual face-to-face, focus groups, phone, and online. Textual findings are organized in a thematic codebook for iterative data analysis.

Photo Elicitation
Photo Elicitation

This investigative method uses photographs, sketches, or other digital images during interviews to elicit emotional responses, retrieve memories, assess group knowledge, or elucidate observed interaction. 

Quanitative Research
Survey Research and Design
survey research and design

I design and administer online surveys, and conduct them face-to-face. Survey- Monkey and Qualtrics are two of the survey tools I use.


My training in anthropometry and biometrics allows me to physically measure & indirectly capture, by 3D scanning technology, human body composition.

GPS Mapping
aggregate map of beauty supply stores

I use a global positioning system to aggregately map places that supply health and beauty aids (i.e. non-makeup cosmetics or OTC cosmetic drug products).

Mixed Methods
Ethnomedical Research

I study how people culturally cope with disease and develop treatment outside the biomedical paradigm. I've researched the cultural healing practices of West Africans, Caribbean ethnics, and US Southerners. 

Social Network Analysis
social network analysis

I use this method to study network structure, composition, and relational ties. This allows me to analyze network centrality, particularly which actor(s) have the greatest access to resources and control over network flow.

freelisting mds

Freelisting is used to learn what items are salient within a specific cultural domain. The above multidimensional scaling graph shows those body ideals salient within clinical and Jamaican cultural domains. 

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